Intelligent IR

Solutions for Small and Micro Cap Companies

Third Stream Research is teamed with Robert Ferri Partners to provide Intelligent IR for companies preparing to go public and to public companies with market capitalizations ranging up to $1 billion.

Intelligent IR is a research-driven investor relations process identifying and illuminating the hidden value in publicly-traded companies that lack extensive analyst coverage and trade strikingly below their intrinsic value. We bring an analyst’s perspective and market intelligence to optimize positioning and perception among Wall Street analysts and investors.

Intelligent IR addresses what is potentially the biggest problem facing CEOs and CFOs who struggle to achieve a valuation reflecting a full understanding of their company’s vision, diverse intangibles, and comparative standing relative to peers.

Addressing the New Investment Landscape

Decades of collective experience in researching, analyzing, and advising technology and life science companies have taught us that traditional investor relations programs are insufficient for companies off of Wall Street’s radar to win recognition of their value. Such efforts often do little to raise a company’s profile among institutional investors and analysts, affect share liquidity and price, or improve prospects for attracting capital.

Several factors, most notably the loss of incentives for investment banks to support trading activities and sell-side research coverage, and the decline of active investing, conspire against your best interests. Profound shifts in Wall Street’s business models have negatively impacted the standing of small- and micro-cap firms. To overcome these forces requires a deeper approach to investor relations at your company.

Our combined experience has prepared us for the challenge of taking the investor relations process out of the box to meet the realities of today’s capital markets. To excel in this new world, C-level executives and their boards must pursue an IR process grounded in research and market intelligence.

Intelligent IR Builds from Understanding

Third Stream Research offers insight into the digital economy in relation to the most powerful trends impacting capital investments, revenue and earnings growth, and valuations. Robert Ferri Partners is a strategic advisory group that provides investor relations, reputation management, and corporate transition services.

Intelligent IR combines Third Stream’s macro/fundamental analysis and articulation of technology businesses for investors with the strategic advisory expertise of Robert Ferri Partners. We apply our knowledge of the competitive terrain and workings of capital markets to drive an investor relations process to achieve three goals:

  • Improve a company’s ability to manage investors’ understanding and expectations with clear messaging and guidance
  • Prepare the first tier of due diligence to serve as an on-ramp for analysts, bankers, institutional investors, and partners to engage