What we do

We challenge ourselves to synthesize macroeconomics, innovations in technology, and research on companies at the intersection of the most powerful trends impacting capital investments, revenue and earnings growth, and valuations.

Third Stream concentrates on data and information in four areas – Economic Indicators, Core IT Segments, Leading Companies of the Digital Economy, and Tech Finance: Capital Flows – which have proven to be most relevant in our efforts. Our analysis of patterns and fundamentals ultimately provide the real returns.

Third Stream addresses our clients’ strategic needs in three interrelated areas, which are structured to deliver the best results.

Custom Research
Third Stream delivers investment and market research created specifically for each client. Our familiarity with the technology landscape enables us to identify relevant industry and competitive dynamics, technology trends, cycles, and risks. We funnel IT sector data and analysis to gain fresh insights into emerging trends likely to impact target companies.

Analyst Expertise
Josh Levine, Third Stream’s chief investment analyst, works with clients to understand the impact of macro and technology trends on their investment strategies, supported with recommendations to improve decision-making and performance.

Actionable Research Ideas
Third Stream identifies winners and losers at the sector and company levels, which can be integrated into our client’s long and short strategies.

Key Benefits for Clients
Clients gain valuable insights into companies and the competitive dynamics across high-growth IT segments, leading to better investment results. Guided by our clients’ objectives and goals, Third Stream contributes a fresh viewpoint and new ideas on the most consequential drivers of the economy.

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